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2 Dead Chickens And A Blind Pony

The more events you play, the more you become accustomed to the conditions behind the scenes at many party venues. While most adhere to the local health department regs, what you find right outside the kitchen door can often be quite disgusting to say the least. hence this post to the Pro DJ/MC Senior’s Tour* Facebook page from Mad Joe Martin of Wichita Falls, TX:

Oh, the joys of being an entertainer. Getting to load in/out on nasty loading docks surrounded by 55 gallon barrels full of slop that stinks. Ain’t show business great!

To which Ken Draper of Upstate NY commented:

“I’ll see your slop buckets and raise ya two dead chickens, a blind pony, and a salamander kerosene heater that is running way to rich .. and that was in the dining area. (I don’t even want to speak of the horrors I witnessed in the men’s room). It was actually a few years back , we had to load through the kitchen of a local club that shall remain nameless . But there were chickens running around in the kitchen, and in the middle of the night a rooster came strutting out on to the dance floor at which point we broke right into Dueling Banjo’s . It was hysterical … Then towards the end of the night we had to open the back door just to get fresh air from the poor running kerosene heater that was fumigating us when suddenly an old blind Shetland pony poked his head in the door . To which we just couldn’t resist breaking into George Jones ‘The race is on’ . But those folks sure know how to have a good time . Party ! Party ! Party !! and a healthy tip!


*The Pro DJ/MC Senior’s Tour page is open to any all DJs, MCs and karaoke Hosts – 55 and over.

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