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’80s Retro: Holiday Mountain and “Motion Sickness”

Holiday_Mountain_Motion_SicknessNot 10 seconds into watching the video and I thought … Deee-Lite! While the groove is quite different, that ’80s look and feel remains. Supposedly, the video, which utilizes an optical illusion technique, will take you on a hallucinatory adventure. I thought it was cool, but at no time did my brain leave my body. The song is featured on the band’s upcoming LP, You Be You. The producer is Grammy-nominated CJ Eiriksson (U2, Phish). The LP will be out early next year.

Why Motion Sickness?

Holiday Mountain formed in 2011 while the members were attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The trio consists of Laura Patiño (keyboard, vocals), Bradley Will (synth, bass, vocals), and Zander Kagle (drums).

Laura Patiño says, “The song is about being torn between desiring something because you authentically want it for yourself, or do you want it because the society around you has given you a reason to think that it means you’ve accomplished something?” Patiño explains that You Be You is about “Being proud of your weirdness. I think lots of people probably feel weird in their own ways and we hope to create an environment that makes people feel a connection.”

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