The Admin

Having spent most of the last 35 years either for working pirate radio stations in the North Sea or entertaining on cruise ships and in secluded vacation spots, Max Lauder has decided its time to back down the gain. With all that time at sea, Max has had to rely totally on the Internet to stay connected with the DJ world. Although the wi-fi zones in many ports of call are very weak or operated by corrupt government officials, he’s become quite the web junkie. Now back on dry land, and semi-retired, Max has turned his attentions to providing a unique service for his fellow DJs. He’s created DJNewsNet (dot) com with a single purpose: To present best news and information available on line, mixing original content with existing content from dozens of credible sources. It’s all that simple. There’s nothing up his sleeves. The goal is simply to promote the art and business of being a Mobile Entertainer. BTW, Although he’s attended many DJ Conferences and Expos, Max has always preferred to keep a low profile (Not that he’s anti-social, but a few times he came to the show right off the boat and was concerned about his appearance).

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