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The Mathematics Of DJ Shows

By KC KoKoruz / 3 years ago

Are We The Bridezillas of the DJ Industry? Recently, I purchased two wedding related businesses that kept me from attending the Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas. Having  not attended the event gave me an interesting perspective as to everyone’s feedback (pro and con)—and this is typical of all DJ Expos, not just Mobile Beat. […]


Stu Reviews: Mobile Beat 2015 w/ Video

By Stu Chisholm / 3 years ago

Update: A preview site for the 2016 Mobile Beat is under construction HERE.   Dates are March 14-17, 2016 at the Tropicana.   Another Update: Read Stu’s complete show recap at ProMobileDJ If I had to summarize this year’s Mobile Beat show in one word, it would have to be “audacious.” This was readily apparent […]


Kid Friendly Halloween EDM Party @ CirKiz

By Max Lauder / 3 years ago

Cirkiz is the newest kid inspired dance party produced by the former co-founders of Fuzipop!, Jesse Sprague and Jenny Song. For the club’s Halloween Extravaganza (October 26), CirKiz hosted a mind-blowing LED Robot performance by The Dream Lab, which wowed the partygoers and had them screaming in excitement as a few lucky kids were pulled […]