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Chauvet Intros 4-1 Lightshow Bundle

By Max Lauder / a couple of years ago

CHAUVET DJ’s new JAM Pack Gold lighting package is an all-in-one ensemble with 4 popular party lighting effects: an LED derby effect, a red and green laser, a combo UV/strobe effect, and a CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 700 fog machine. It also includes all the needed accessories such as: external power supplies (3 pieces), mounting hardware and a CHAUVET DJ IRC-6 remote controller.

Designed for novice lighting users, the effects in the package can be easily operated in Sound or Auto Mode so no programming knowledge is required. You can also control the JAM Pack Gold effects wirelessly with the user-friendly IRC-6 infrared handheld remote controller that comes included in the package.

The four effects in the JAM Pack Gold produce a dynamic, richly textured, multi-layer lightshow that bring an excitement edge to any event. The LED derby fills the room with a shower of red, green and blue beams, while the laser’s razor-sharp aerial effects add another eye-popping dimension. Bursts of fog from the Hurricane 700 intensify the brightness of the derby and laser effects, which appear all the more colorful and breathtaking against the glowing iridescence produced by the UV bar. To push things over the edge, just switch the UV bar into strobe mode and watch the room erupt in a pulsating frenzy!

The effects are very compact and maintenance-free. The units range in weight from a mere 0.6 pound (0.3 kg) for the laser and UV/strobe effects, to 4 pounds (1.8 kg) for the fogger, with the derby effect falling in between at 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg). The entire ensemble can fit into a CHAUVET DJ CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag, which provides an ideal way to transport and store the JAM Pack Gold safely and conveniently.

—Source: Fucini Productions

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