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Chauvet’s New Mobile-Friendly Website Is A Learning Resource

By RobertL / a couple of years ago

Chauvet Professional’s new mobile-friendly Website not only provides  information on the company’s products, the new site also shows those products being used in a wide range of applications.

According to Berenice Chauvet, vice president of Chauvet Lighting, “We want the website to be viewed not just as a tool for learning about our products, but also as source of news about how those products are being used in an extensive variety of ways.”

Chauvet says the new website is “experienced-based,” reflecting the real-world needs of the people who are using Chauvet fixtures. “Our customers think in terms of lighting fixture category rather than series, so we wanted to reflect this in our Website,” said Chauvet. “In many cases, we’ll have a product like the Nexus 4×4 appear under multiple classifications, because it’s used in a multitude of ways.”

Product pages on the new site include items like reference guides, user manuals, CAD files, DMX charts, profiles for the appropriate software, such as Art-Net or ShowXpress when applicable and firmware upgrades. Each product page also includes a video of the product and in many cases added videos of product applications. Articles about each product as well as links to related products and accessories are included on each page.


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