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CHAUVET SlimBEAM Quad IRC Produces “Wall Art” Beam Effects

The SlimBEAM Quad IRC from CHAUVET DJ takes uplighting up to the next level. With 3 tilting RGBA LED modules on a compact base, the  SlimBEAM Quad IRC can be used as a color accent for uplighting walls and to create unique beam effects to add excitement into any event.

Rick Peeples, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ told DJNewsNet.  “This goes beyond simply accenting walls and surfaces to do double duty as an effects light.  You can use it as a traditional uplighting fixture and then, at any time, crank up the effects to highlight a special part of the evening, such as the introduction of a speaker, or just add some amazing-looking wall art to excite the crowd.”

With a 180° tilt range, the 3-headed SlimBEAM Quad IRC can cover a large amount of wall space from a single fixture.  It can also be linked in multiples Master-Slave to spread its vibrant colors and beam effects over broader areas

A virtually limitless palette of colors can be blended with the SlimBEAM Quad IRC’s 4-in-1 (red, green, blue, amber) LEDs to match the mood of any event and create dazzling effects.  Each of its 3-watt LEDs projects a 15° beam angle, while the unit itself has a coverage angle of 98°, emitting an output of 343 lux at 2 meters per section.

The SlimBEAM Quad IRC can be run manually without DMX, making it perfect for users with little or no programming knowledge. It has built-in automated programs that can be easily triggered to unleash its eye-catching effects.  As another non-DMX option, the SlimBEAM Quad IRC can be operated with CHAUVET DJ’s IRC-6 infrared controller (sold separately), which provides simple wireless command of functions like program selection and color selection from distances up to 30 feet.

Featuring  multi-voltage operation (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz), the SlimBEAM QUAD IRC can be power linked up to 18 units at 120V and 34 units at 230V, allowing users to save time running cables and extension cords when installing multiple units. With its LEDs rated at 50,000 hours, the SlimBEAM Quad IRC also offers the convenience of being maintenance-free.  Compactly designed for easy transport and setup, the entire unit weighs just 5.2 pounds (2.4 kg) and measures 10.8 x 3.2 x 8.3 inches (273 x 80 x 212 mm). With no moving parts, the SlimBEAM Quad IRC is silent running, making it ideal for noise-free environments.



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