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Numark’s New Digital Wireless Mic System

By RobertL / a couple of years ago

Numark says their new WS-100 digital wireless diversity microphone system delivers top-quality audio performance with the convenience of total independence from restrictive cables. Being “wireless” is not enough, so Numark’s engineers have made sure the WS-100 will perform to the level of their customers expectations. It has dual-antenna diversity for interference-free, consistent, reliable operation, without worry of unexpected dropouts. Independent digital ID eliminates signal crosstalk, while its superb signal-to-noise ratio of 96dB and wide-range frequency response of 50-18kHz attest to the system’s unquestionably excellent sound quality. Numark.com

WS-100 features:

  • Wireless handheld microphone transmitter
  • Receiver unit with dual antennas for superb performance
  • 24-bit digital wireless technology delivers ultra clean pro-quality signal
  • 200-foot working range for convenient operation
  • Frequency response of 50-18kHz ensures natural vocals and strong bass
  • Transmitter and receiver operate in 500-980MHz frequency range
  • Handheld mic uses (2) AA batteries
  • Superb signal-to-noise ratio of 96dB (A) ensures quiet background
  • Independent digital ID eliminates signal crosstalk and interference
  • System harmonic distortion <.1% for clean, accurate sound
  • Includes protective padded carrying case and cable
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