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Extra Services That DJs Can Provide To A Wedding

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When a bride thinks about the duties that a wedding DJ performs she mostly thinks about it in the context of playing music. That is just the way MOST bride’s think.

Well, this is not an article for the general public per se, but for DJs who are thinking about branching out and finding different ways to increase their income. The more things that a DJ is able to do, the more services that they are able to provide, the more useful they are to the wedding party. The more valuable you are to the wedding party the more income you can bring in. So it is the case with this article that we’re going to brainstorm a few ideas that a DJ can do besides simply play music.

The MC

One role that a DJ can naturally transition into is that as master of ceremony. Who better than the DJ to take over duties of hosting the party? I can’t think of anyone other than the DJ naturally filling in that position. There are times when the bride and groom have a friend or family member who takes this role,  but most of the time, they will expect the DJ to also be the one keeping everything on schedule and directing the events. with this in mind, it underscores the importance of every wedding DJ to sell themselves as more than just the person who plays music—The better you are able to sell yourself as the right person to do this the more likely you are to get the job.

It’s important to note that this MC role isn’t an extra paid service. Instead, you should be telling the bride and groom this is just something that you will provide. So they don’t have to worry about it.

“I learned a long time ago that if you can get through the intros and all the MC stuff and do an exceptional job, the rest of the gig will go much better,” says Robert Lindquist who has been a wedding DJ for several decades.

Some very motivated DJs are able to sell themselves as the Directors of Entertainment and they’re able to bring in other people who will perform at the wedding. In this position, the DJ is playing more of a contractor than anything else. He’s finding other people who can perform at the wedding and bring them to the groom and bride. He’s positioned himself as the key person to go to for all entertainers who will perform at the wedding. This is a very beneficial position and role for the DJ to play and it can really help the bride and groom out a lot. There’s a lot to worry about at a wedding why worry about all of the Entertainer’s as well? It is all about how they are able to sell themselves in this role. Some very smart DJs don’t even sell themselves as DJs—they simply sell themselves as a wedding entertainment coordinators.

Ultimately, it all comes down to filling in the gaps—being ready, willing and able to do whatever is necessary to insure the bride and groom’s wedding day is hassle free as possible. What you can do to make that happen is limited only by your creativity and ability to sell it to the bride and the groom. If anything, you will need better salesmanship skills and that will take you very far. Give it a shot.

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