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LDI 2014: ADJ To Intro 25 New Products

Walking the floor at the annual LDI (Lighting Dimensions International) entertainment technology show is nothing less than a spectacular event. This year the show runs November 17-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and as it has been for over 2.5 decades ADJ_Fog_Fury_Jett_LDI, ADJ will be front and center showing off the company’s latest innovations. New products on display will include the 12P Hex, the Illusion Dotz 3.3 and the Fog Fury Jett, which (thus far) is the one getting the most buzz on social media. So here’s the scoop:
The Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog from 12x 3-Watt RGBA LEDs. ADJ says that the unit shoots a dry even blast of fog over 25 feet (7 meters) in the air thanks to a special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission throughout the pipeline to prevent clogging. The Fog Fury Jett has a high performance Italian pump system and ADJ’s Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology to maintain optimum heat levels with short warm-up time between blasts. The reservoir tank may be mounted in the front or rear for use vertically or horizontally, Wireless remote is also part of the package. Estimated street price is $299. See also Chauvet Geyser
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