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@NAMM: The Return Of Rotary From RANE

Rane has been making rotary mixers for over 40 years, and in their words, the MP2015 is the best mixer they have ever produced. They say this mixer has the best sound, the best features, the best feel, and the best reliability and durability.
The MP2015 is designed for playback of High-Resolution Audio (HRA)[1] 24-bit studio master quality sources; satisfying the most stringent vinyl purists. The dynamics are perfect for DJs preferring the uncompressed sound of WAV and FLAC files.

The MP2015 uses premium performance Audio 4 Pro™ delta-sigma modulator converters by AKM[2] that meet the highest sound quality standards of recording studios. The balanced differential audio input converters deliver 116 dB dynamic range, utilizing a built-in modified FIR architecture that minimizes group delay, allowing excellent linear phase response. The 24-bit audio output converters have the same 116 dB dynamic range and sport AKM’s proprietary 24-bit digital filter for better sound quality achieving low distortion characteristics and wide dynamic range. The differential outputs eliminate the need for AC coupling capacitors further increasing performance.  Input and output converters support sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz. Overall Digital/USB in to Line out, or Line in to Digital/USB out dynamic range is 116 dB (A-weighted), while Line input to Line output dynamic range is a remarkable 113 dB (A-weighted) with vanishingly low THD+N of 0.0009%.

[1] HRA (High-Resolution Audio) is an initiative by the Digital Entertainment Group (joined by CEA, AES, et al.) to define and mark file- or physical-media based sources of digital audio that qualify as true high-fidelity products. HRA is the mark describing sources with the best sound possible.

[2] Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation


Submix Channel

This unique input channel provides grouping any number of inputs for easy multi-source mixing. It allows one set of controls for all functions verses having to deal with multiple knobs and buttons on multiple channels. Plus this becomes another input simply by activating the SUB button found on the Session In section.

Each of the four Input channels and the Submix channel feature a unique and exclusive three-position toggle selector-switch. Choose between LP (low-pass), HP (high-pass) or L-H (low-pass, high-pass combo). All have steep 24 dB/octave (4th-order) slopes and are sweepable.

All input channels and the Submix channel have three-band tone controls characterized by being 12 dB/octave (2nd-order) Linkwitz-Riley, full-cut filters (kill) with selectable crossover points of 150 Hz/6.0 kHz or 300 Hz/3.0 kHz. The crossover points are selected in the user control panel when connected to a computer via the USB ports.

Like the Filters section above, the Tone Control filters are extremely accurate, high resolution, fast and artifact free, with all filter coefficients accurately calculated for the selected sample rate.

Strikingly different and quite beautiful to look at with its laser-etched Rane-logo wood side panels, classic spun-aluminum knob caps, 16-segment level peak-hold meters and back-lit push switches, the MP2015 sports a new compact size and shape for a rotary mixer, with all controls selected, designed and located for effortless professional performance playback. Its size makes it portable and easy to move about.

That’s it in a nutshell, for the complete detailed information, Go HERE

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