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Next Big Upsell: The 3D Projection Wedding Cake

There are several videos up on You Tube showing how the technique of 3D projection mapping is being applied to wedding cakes. Video_Mapping_ImageNEW INFORMATION – What Video Software Do I Use For Video-Mapping? By Arnoldo Offermann

In most cases, the results are just as stunning as on the one featured here. In fact, this could be the next big upsell specially for DJs who are already using video projection.

If you are familiar with image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, you probably have used it to scale, skew, rotate and transform still images in dozens of ways. Where typical photo editing programs limit your creativity a static image, video mapping software allows you to twist, turn, bend, isolate, duplicate and manipulate the video frames. After all, video is just a rapid succession of still images. With this capability, big production companies with super high powered projectors have been creating fantastic 3D video displays on the sides of building.

With the rapid passing of time, the cost of video mapping software has fallen astronomically and some DJs (and bakeries) are now capitalizing on the opportunity to offer their wedding clients something with an equally astronomical WOW factor at a price to match. How do you do it? First, you need the size, shape and dimensions of the cake and will probably need to create a mockup. Then, it’s all a matter of creating the video and mapping it to the cake. Check out the videos below for more information.


Here’s How It’s Done






Also see – “The Disney Wedding Cake Projection” – If Disney is embracing this, you know it has huge potential.

Ok – this is just crazy…. but how cool.



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