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By RobertL / 3 years ago

**New Video Added**  As the lucrative summer season again comes to a close, you may be asking yourself, “What do I do with all this dough?” You could, of course, take a couple of well earned weeks to just do nothing. Or you could… Go Shopping! Assuming some new powered loudspeakers are at the top of your list, Cerwin-Vega_P1000X_Reviewthen here’s one you may not have considered: The P-Series from Cerwin-Vega. While C-V is among the respected name in loudspeakers, judging by the general social buzz, C-V’s place on the DJ radar screen may not be as intense as it once was. The P-Series may change that.

So, to help you be a better educated shopper, I first direct you to this review of the P-Series in the September 2014 issue of Mobile Beat.

In the time since submitting that review, I’ve discovered a few more things things about the P-Series.

First, the smaller P1000X makes a great portable PA for wedding ceremonies. That 3-Channel mixer on the back is all and everything you typically need. Channel #1 for the Officiant Mic, Channel #2 for a reader’s mic, and Channel #3 for a digital music player. One P1000x covers a fairly large area, but if needed, you can just run and XLR-to-XLR to the “Mix Output” of the first speaker, and connect it to Channel #1 on the “slave” speaker.

Next, The P1800SX subwoofers are beyond impressive. They put out a solid, deep, punch that can be felt all across the dancefloor. They also come with super sturdy wheels and are light enough to lift in and out of a vehicle without extensive physical damage to the lifter (results may vary depending on the strength of the one applying the upward force).

For most of the wedding crowds where we used the PSeries, the attendance numbered between 100 and 175. While one P1800SX was sufficient for most of these events, we probably should have brought two—that may have prevented having the one we used most often go down at the start of the next to last show of the season (It snows here). The good news was, it was a smaller group and we were able to compensate by switching the two P1500X 2-ways to the “Vega-Bass” mode.

We’re not sure why the one sub broke down, but C-V was extremely quick about getting us a new 18″ driver AND power module. Removing the old parts and installing the new took just short of an hour. Had I the proper size hex wrench for my drill, I probably could have done it  NASCAR fast.

Aside from that one hiccup, the Cerwin-Vega P Series proved to have all the right stuff—Well crafted, handy 3-channel mixer, and plenty loud. Well worth including amongst the possibles on your shopping list. —Robert


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