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Review: “Marketing The Music” by Joe Bunn

“How To Promote Your DJ Company The Right Way.”

I’ve heard a lot about Joe Bunn in recent years and have come to respect how he has grown his Raleigh, NC based company to 15 DJs with franchises now open in Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC and Richmond, VA. In addition to operating Bunn DJ Company, Joe also consults with other DJs, conducts seminars, and frequently writes for Disc Jockey News and blogs for Mobile Beat. If you don’t know Joe, you will after you watch the preceding video. I had hoped for a spontaneous chance to meet Joe at the MBLV25 show in Vegas in March, but when that didn’t happen, I contacted him post-show to find out more about this DVD he had produced. He graciously dashed off a copy and asked that I share my thoughts on it.

The Right Way?

Whether or not you have a working knowledge of “Marketing” is only semi-relevant here. The operative word is in the subtitle: Promote. To promote means to advance or raise to a higher level, and that’s what Joe Bunn has done—he has developed a sales and marketing approach that has lifted his DJ Company far above his competition. With this DVD, he explains how he did it. To duplicate what he’s accomplished may initially appear overwhelming. Success is never easy and it hasn’t been easy for Joe. It’s taken a lot of hard work. But the rewards have been worth it. Stick with it.

As any audio/video presentation must have at its core good writing and production values, Joe has that covered. He knows how to write and how to deliver what he’s written with passion. He wants you to be passionate about this too. Then, there’s always the risk of speaking over the heads of some while “preaching” down to others. That doesn’t happen here. Joe’s step-by-step approach is so personable it’s easy to forget he’s just a 2D image on a computer screen—it’s more like he’s standing right there in front of you.

Branding vs. Marketing

To keep everyone on the same page, he begins with an explanation of the all-inclusiveness of “branding” showing how his own company’s brand has evolved. From there he talks about the effective ways that old-school and traditional promotional methods can be applied.

In addressing one the biggest errors many DJs commit, Joe offers practical suggestions on what parts of your DJ marketing plan should be outsourced, when you should hire an ad agency, how to get the best ROI from direct mail, and how to really stand out at bridal shows. Knowing how easy it is to fall into the “do everything yourself” trap, Joe’s way is to focus on what he does best and hire others to do the rest.

Social marketing and Video

Moving into digital marketing, Joe talks about how to get your website done right, how to use social media, and what social media channels have proven the most effective for Bunn DJ Company.

If there’s one marketing tool that Joe has mastered above all others, it’s video. His YouTube channel is packed with well-written, well-produced examples and he includes several of his favorites on this DVD. More important than the videos themselves is how Joe uses them to promote his company.

The Take Away

There’s a lot of information here, so you’ll want to view it several times—and you’ll want to use this DVD as a thought starter for your own sales and marketing meetings. This is an exceptionally well-done DVD – and it’s something you can take beyond what Joe says and does. This can be the spark plug that ignites your own thinking and creativity so that you can take “Joe’s Way” and make it your way.

The DVD is $99 available from http://djjoebunn.com/dvd/. Buy it. You’ll make the money back in no time.


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