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People like low-end. Most people that is, as in those who aren’t wearing hearing aids or pacemakers. But how many subs do you need? To little low-end and it sounds wimpy — to much and it turns to mush. In the article originally posted at, Alan Dobson (a.k.a. “The Wedding Wizard”) offers offer his thoughts on the topic.

It is commonly known that if you take two subwoofers and acoustically couple them (by placing them next to each other) there is an effective increase in radiated power. This is generally in the +3DB range. However this can complicate setup structure if you choose to mount your normal top speakers on poles in the subwoofers.

The bonus when dealing with low frequencies is that they are essentially omni directional. What that really means is that the positioning of the subwoofer(s) in the room is less critical than the placement of the regular loudspeakers. This does not mean that the low frequencies are mono, in fact it is totally to the contrary. Recording engineers place low frequencies in both channels of recorded music, so if you only use one subwoofer it is essential that you use a crossover device (high pass/low pass filters or an active crossover). Crossover design is not simple and almost all the time crossovers have a transition that occurs over a range of frequencies where both the subwoofer and the loudspeaker receive the same frequencies. This is referred to as polar response and can affect sound quality. MORE


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