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The DJ List of Lists (not Liszt)

DJs like lists. It’s in our DNA. From the publication of the first Billboard Hot 100 right up to today, if there’s a list that has anything to do with music—be it songs, albums, artists, whatever—we just can’t turn away. Fortunately, we now have the Internet to feed this gluttony for lists. Just yesterday, over at the DJ/MC Senior’s Tour Facebook group*, I posted a link to  I new one I had found at The Ultimate Classic Rock website.

Today, Joe Martin from (Witchita Fallls, TX / co-admin for the group) posted a link to another gold mine of music lists at digitaldreamdoor.com

So, why do DJs love lists? Simple. Because we never want to be at a loss when someone asks for ethnic music, songs about mothers or songs with a lot of cowbell. – R

Got sites to add to the list? Just note them in comments below.

* The Pro DJ/MC Senior’s Tour is a Facebook group open to all DJs (working or retired) who are 55 years old and over.

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