Top First Dance Songs For 2015

By RobertL / 3 years ago

About the only thing brides have in common is that they all want something really different and unique for their special day. Of course, we who specialize in weddings know that few really accomplish this. Typically, by the end of April we all have a pretty good idea of what the most requested songs will be—barring any knew releases that bully their way to the top spot. While it may be too soon to predict what the most requested First Dance song will be during the coming year, brides are already asking their DJs (and prospective DJs) for their ideas. And, as we are expected to be (and rightfully so) the true experts on music, here are some resources to share for those brides who want a proven first dance wedding song—that may not be on one of the typical the “most requested” lists. Depending on your musical knowledge, there may or may not be a lot of surprises here, but any resource that helps us stay one-step ahead of our clients, is a good resource.

First Dance Songs For Your Wedding That Won’t Make You Cringe. Promise.

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