What Is A DJ Worth?

By RobertL / 3 years ago

That question has been asked countless times, and it’s always for the same reason. There is a certain minimum standard of performance that the general public should expect from a DJ. Mobile Entertainers and Mobile Entertainment companies that are in this for the long haul (it’s their business) compete at levels above and beyond the minimum standard, and price themselves accordingly. Options (such as lighting or photo booths) along with the DJ services’ reputation and experience all affect what the client sees on the rate sheet.

While minimum pricing can and does vary based on the local economy, the DJs within any area typically know (or should know) each others’ rates. The end result is, when a consumer goes shopping for a DJ, they have a baseline for comparison. In other words, they can compare apples to apples, and actually be able to understand why one variety of apple costs more than another.

But then, inevitably, some bad apple comes along and starts low-ball pricing which totally upsets the cart and confuses the consumer. In his latest post at AnthonyBarthel.com, long-time Mobile Entertainer Tony Barthel spins a very different take on what a DJ is worth, with an analogy that you’ll want to share the next time a prospect tells you “I can get the same thing for half the price.”

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